client: NHS Scotland

encourage conversations and empower positive action in young people aged 16-19 on sexual consent.

  • consent is a serious topic which, if not followed, can result in severe harm. when we spoke to young people in scotland, though, they wanted to see examples of consent being done the right way. we devised and implemented a co-creation campaign strategy which allowed for young people to give their thoughts throughout the campaign; from research to final outputs.
  • working with lead agency Thread & Fable, i designed and led youth engagement sessions to uncover youth thoughts around consent, informing campaign strategy and writing social copy for final outptus.
  • the resulting campaign #awkwardmoments encourages young people to check in with themselves and the person they’re with, and launched nationwide in scotland on multiple social channels during summer 2022.


  • Thread & Fable, TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES, Bank of Creativity, archtype, Leanne Hughes, NSPCC, Young Scot, LGBT Youth Scotland, Rape Crisis Scotland, Cool2Talk, Youth Services Scotland.