josh akapo is a multifaceted creative and entrepreneur, who is also a student at “King’s College London”. in his creative roles and entrepreneurial ventures, he is able to utilise his growing experience in digital marketing, branding, social media, strategy, event curation and insights.

in marketing brands, he has been able to generate reaches of over tens of thousands with highly limited budgets. although he is able to reach and engage thousands, his work is not focused on numbers; his work is centred on impact. josh understands the importance of building relationships in order to best build an organisation’s resources, as well as improve their brand image.

as a young creative, he has an growing interest in how different communities behave, interact, and are viewed in different parts of the globe from a social perspective, and uses this insight in his creative work. he’s worked with many brands and people through his organisations such as “giffgaff”, “Lovebox Festival”, “Stormzy” and “GUAP Magazine”, and has been featured on “ITV News”.

aside from projects (see portfolio on home page), josh is currently freelance at “Hype Collective”.

josh akapo portrait