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hi everyone & welcome to joshakapo.com.

this project has taken me a long while to achieve, and i’m very proud that it’s up. i created and funded this site myself, so it really is a passion project of mine.

the aim of this site was to answer the age old question – “so, what is it that you do?“. it is very hard for me to answer that, since i have so many passion projects running at the same time. doing multiple things is natural to me, but many people don’t always see it like that – this is why i built a website.

the theme of this site reflects my professionalism, but also my youthful nature. the lowercase text, and jovial questions in my portfolio pages represent my youthful nature (i’m only 20, you know), whilst the content, quality of the work and quality of the website represents how i want to be viewed; as a professional.

i’m planning on releasing a lot more content in the near future, especially now that i have a platform to put my thoughts on. i have some ideas for pieces in the works and they’ll be out soon, but in this blog, you’ll really be able to see my growth as not only a creative, but as a person too.

this is not my first time designing a website, but it’s my first time designing something dedicated to myself, so i’d really appreciate your feedback on the whole site – feel free to tweet or email me this.


josh akapo.

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