but, who is josh?

"look at my site and you tell me" - josh akapo.

so, who really is josh?

  • a pretty cool person. well, he'd say so anyway.
  • he likes music, a lot. that was his first creative start. from making bedroom beats, to doing local tours in sixth form (not too many people know that), he has managed to develop his musicianship over the years. his style is reflective of his influences; Brandy, Robert Glasper, Kendrick Lamar, J Dilla & Nujabes to name a few.
  • he also likes gym, climbing, 'nerdy' tv moments, running (at times), black cultural outputs, church, food - he'd say he's pretty cool.
  • "i think it's important we start, or continue to, explore ourselves outside of work. who we really are, not who we're told we are for capitalistic gain." - josh akapo.