"BIMA 100"

i’ve made the “BIMA 100” for 2019! my reactions, thoughts, and more.

yes, this article is very late, but, we move!

I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ve been included in this years’ BIMA 100 in the Rising Stars category, and as one of the youngest on the whole list. Congratulations to the other amazing 99!

To be named as part of the BIMA 100 is a prestigious accolade. BIMA is the British Interactive Media Association, the industry body that represents the UK digital and tech industry. The BIMA 100 celebrates the most influential, pioneering and changemaking people in the UK’s digital industry and it’s unbelievable that I’ve been selected by an independent panel of industry experts to join this year’s 100.

Being at the BIMA 100 announcement evening on May 8th was amazing. The dapper dress code, the complimentary drinks, the classy canapés – it’s a life I can get used to. At 21, being in the similar standing to other amazing digital heavyweights who had been featured in Forbes 30 under 30, who were directors of well-known and well respected organisations, and who were founders and visionaries of platforms which drive positive change in society, was surreal. Little ole’ me, at 21, at the very start of my career.

me, in the “BIMA 100” book.

I couldn’t help but think back to a time, just under two years ago, where I would have been a wine waiter at these high-profile events. I’ve had a lot of jobs over the past few years, some unpaid, some below minimum wage, and some which lowered my dignity – I made a tweet about this a while ago which makes me look back and be grateful. Literally a year ago, I was working in a dusty toilet roll factory because I was that broke and unemployable (despite my many side hustles), but now I’m comfortably freelancing living in London working on briefs with big clients and featured in the BIMA 100 – God is good!

Thank you to Hype Collective for the nomination and all your support over the past few months. Thank you to all the organisations who’ve worked with me or helped me grow creatively (The Elephant Room, GUAP, MAMA Festivals, etc). Big thanks to my Joined Up Thinking family for giving me a platform to continually grow, gain experience, and have autonomy. And finally, to my first and longest official creative gig, ARCHTYPE. My bros, I am proud of us!

Here’s to more wins, and bigger things in 2019 and beyond. “

me at the “BIMA 100” awards night.

in other news, i have an event coming up with “NHS Blood and Transplant” and “Joined Up Thinking” about organ donation in black communities in the “UK”. want to find out more, visit our “Eventbrite” page.

also disclaimer – me talking about my previous job roles is in no way to shame or disregard the vast number of people working hard in manual labour/service sector/lower wage roles. i respect it, when it was my life it made me work so much harder. i am merely attempting to show the progression of what i wanted for my life and how my situation has changed over the past few years. and for me, that change has been amazing.

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